Saturday, January 24, 2009

One Down, Two to Go!

Today was our last seminar day in Kaohsiung. We went to the church in the morning at 8:00 AM... During my last small group, I was reviewing God’s Names that we had learned the past few days, and I realized how short a time that I have, and how much I really want to impact these kids’ lives. Though the kids were a little bit too hyper on the last day, I really felt it was a good ending for us and a good start for the kids when they go back home.

As the kids went home, we wrapped up really quickly, had lunch together, and got on the bus to Taipei. It was sad to say goodbye to the interpreters on the bus, especially when I saw Kathy crying; I felt so sad. During our 5 hours bus ride, I sat in the front the entire time, because I was afraid to get car sick, but I could hear everyone chatting and singing in the back. Though I couldn’t join them, I enjoyed the happy atmosphere in the bus!

We arrived in Taipei and are looking forward to getting some rest. Hope that in the coming two weeks, I can learn more from God.

Sophia Chen

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