Friday, January 23, 2009

Ni Hao-- Hello!

Today is our last full day in Kaohsiung, and our last night teaching the CI.

We had a Chinese Lesson, then had teacher training on ownership and freedom with the plan of salvation and the freedom of sin! Most of the leaders were nervous about the night because the importance of the message.

We had a prayer before the children got to the church, we all got on our knees and asked God to bless the building and all that entered, and that the children would have an open heart to the words of Christ.

When we taught our lesson on freedom we were going to the have the children raise their hand if they wanted to receive Jesus as their Savior. Instead the Lord worked it differently. When each child came to Sophia Chen, our leader, with their craft, she personally asked every child. The way that God worked is still amazing to me. All 12 of our children received Jesus as their personal Savior!

I know that God was and is in control! As we prepare for the other CI’s, please pray God will do mighty things in the children’s lives as He is doing in my own life!!

Thank you for your prayer for all of us, the children and the CI in general!

Jayme Hierholzer


Unknown said...

Wow, praise the Lord for His wonderful love for those children and His power in their lives. It was great meeting you Jayme!

Laura Weaver