Saturday, January 17, 2009

In the Beginning...

Today was a very special day, the day that the 2009 Taiwan/Hong Kong CI team joined together.

The CI workers already in Taiwan finished a full day of office work and packing up seminar materials. The part of the team from North America finished an incredibly long flight and safely arrived at the airport.

It was nice to have some time to talk and get to know one another. Later that night (or morning if you would call it), we worked as a team to unload the boxes of materials into the church, and we got the job done quickly and well!

Finally, we arrived at the hotel and most of us were 120% ready to sleep. Despite several minor inconveniences (such as the keys not working or light switches in hard-to-find places), we went straight to bed, hoping that we would have as little of the “unavoidable” jet lag syndrome tomorrow. Did we succeed? Well, we will find out on tomorrow’s blog post!

Hannah Huang

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