Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here Comes a Local!

After my alarm clock rang, a new day began. At 9:30, we had Bible reading called “Wisdom Search”. Tim shared with us about Elyon, the Most High.

After Wisdom Search, we were going to the beach! We took a ferry, and a view there was so beautiful. When we got to our destination, the first thing we were going to do was eating seafood for lunch. Tim said to foreign teachers “We won’t give you extremely strange food. Unfortunately, it will be extremely strange for you!” we had a great time during the lunch. They were so brave to try those dishes!

After we finished our lunch, we went to the beach! The view there was so lovely! The sun was shinning, and you could feel the cool water over your feet. We took a lot of great pictures there. It’s fun! After playing on the beach, I went shopping with Carrie. We ate some special desert.

At 1:30, we took a ferry back. And we began preparing the lesson “Suffering”. Alaina, Carline and I prayed together, hoping God could give us strength because we could do nothing without Him.

We had 12 children. All of them were so cute. We had two crafts, one of them was called “Love Stickers”. Children draw their sticker, and gave them to anyone who they wanted to show their love to. I got some beautiful stickers they were so sweet.

Being one of them in CI, I truly saw the character that we taught tonight—Love.

Joy Liao
(Interpreter from Taiwan)


Unknown said...

I really enjoyed getting to meet you in Taiwan! I hope to come back and see you some time. Thanks for sharing your sister with us:)

Laura Weaver