Friday, January 30, 2009

A Different Chinese Language

It is the second day in HK.

Everything seemed to be better than the first day. It’s quite different here in HK, to me especially. When we’re in Taiwan, I can understand both Mandarin and English, and I’m happy about that. But here in HK, people speak Cantonese. I feet so lost. I used to be an interpreter. However, this week, apparently, I can’t interpret. I become a teacher. And of course, I have to speak English. Now I get to kind of understand how the American teachers feel. (Uh…um…not exactly…oh well, they’re using their first language while I’m using my second language.) This is the first time in my life to work with an interpreter. It’s sort of interesting. I have to say, interpreters are so very important to the whole seminar. And the quality of interpreters can decide the efficiency of the seminar.

Today we talked about authority. This is an important lesson for kids and would help their parents a lot if they can learn this principle well. We made a crown as a craft. I told them that the crown represented authority and we had to let our authority wear the crown rather than us. And then I challenged them to give the crown to their parents to show their acknowledgement of their parents’ authority. It was really interesting that some of the kids kind of wanted to keep the crowns because they thought the crowns were beautiful. And…ha! Abraham, a naughty kid on our team, was the first one who gave his crown to his mother and made her wear it. That was cool.

Simon Yeh


Jessica said...

I totally agree with you.... Translaters are a vital part of the Children's Institutes!!! What would we ever do without them!!! May God richly bless all of them for all the hard work they did for us!!