Monday, January 21, 2008

A "Peaceful" Day

Waking Up - Ah... I can feel it now... I look out my window and watch the snow blanket the beautiful Indiana countryside... BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! AHHHHHHH!!!!!! Nope! This is Hsinchu, Taiwan - Sol Hotel. 6am is just too early... especially when it's 5 pm back home! O well! here comes one of the longest days of my life!

Breakfast - Breakfast was the delicious buffet again... it's been quite good! There are enough choices that I've been able to try something new every day. Due to the time restraints we had to scarf down our food. (Well, some of us : )

Wisdom Search - Unfortunately, we did not have time for Wisdom Search this morning. I missed it. Tim's entertaining yet informative and inspirational talks and activies have been a valuable asset to the oneness this team is experiencing.

The Bus - This morning, Alana, my very capable Team Assistant and I sat next to each other during the bumpy ride and discussed the day's lesson plan. Not being the best if preparers, having Alana has been a HUGE blessing!

The CI - Working with and through an interpreter is kind of a love/hate relationship. We as student long so much to be able to talk directly to the children. It's easily frustrating. But if Alana and I didn't have Angel, our interpreter, there would a lot of just sitting there and staring at the kids... without anything to say... Awkward! Angel is wonderful! She handles the kids well, and I'm confident the children understand the invaluable principles we try to communicate.

Go God! - Above all, the Lord has been gracious. His Spirit transcends any language or age barrier that seem to hinder us. Even if I was perfectly prepared, the impact of of any of the stories or crafts would be useless with out the blessing and guidance of the Lord. From when the first child is signed in to when the last child is signed out, God has been here... Giving His peace - His wisdom - Himself.

Cool Down - When we finished putting away all our supplies (an unexpected chore) Tim had us come together to talk and pray about the day. A very much needed time of reflection and relief.
Most of the kids have been great, but there are a few here and there that are struggling. Please pray that the Lord would work in their lives.

Party Time! - For dinner we broke up into our accountability groups. Grace took us to, get this, a Chinese restaurant! : ) Steak, salad, noodles, bread, chicken feet, misc. vegetables, pig ear (Which Wayne called "Just pork." Yeah right... way too chewy!) and other delectable vitals filled our plates and tired stomachs. Yum!

Sharing - After we were done eating Grace had us go around the table and talk about how God had brought us to Taiwan and what we were expecting from Him on this trip. (and that was too long of sentence. :) Again, another good time of fellowship and encouragement.

Bed - One of the most beautiful words in the English language. At least tonight it is. Let us leave off with a verse... Great peace have they which love Thy law; and nothing shall keep them... awake.

Tim Kruse


Anonymous said...

Dear Tim,

I am your sister in Christ from Ontario,Canada.Actually a friend of mine is over there right now as a part of the team.Jessica from Ontario.It is so enjoyable reading your post along with the others.It shows those of us who God has called to pray that those prayers are definitely being answered.In the most unusual ways.I am praying for the kids,that those truths that you all are teaching them will come alive to them and that God will remove the veil from off their eyes so that they can boldly proclaim,"I was blind,now I see.."John 9:25.

May God continue to accomplish His ultimate will on this trip.I am praying for a revival across Taiwan & Hong Kong!!

Your sister in Christ Jesus,