Wednesday, January 16, 2008

FIrst Impression

My first impression of Taiwan was surprising. I was first caught off guard by Kennan and Rachel’s greeting at the airport. Their warm welcoming to a brand new country settled me down. When we arrived at Dr. Chen’s office, I was again “ambushed” by the staff’s preparations. I was quickly integrated in to helping out, which also settled me down.

Then Kennan and I moved supplied to the storage area. After a few trips back and forth, Hannah and I made our journey to pick up the CI shirts. I was exposed the Taiwan streets, cold weather, and the busy underground subway. Hannah and I carried the CI shirts. Yet all through the busy preparations, the staff and Chens were friendly and hospitable.

I find that this smooth transitioning in the CI staff is a great new experience for me. I look forward to becoming more integrated in the staff as I train for CI and learn more about it.

Joshua Hinkle