Thursday, January 31, 2008


My first morning in Taipei started at 8:00 when my alarm went off. As I rolled over in bed I saw that both my roommates were still dead asleep (typical.) So, being the awesome roommate that I am, I willingly told them I would take the first shower….only to find out the shower head was WAY too short for my head. That, on top of not being able to get my ears wet, made for a very awkward shower. Then, being hungry and ready to go way before my roommates were even out of bed, I went to eat breakfast …by myself. :-( Pretty much all the food was some weird Chinese meal. Needless to say, my morning did not start off so great. BUT, don’t worry-my day got much better as the day went on. :-)

On a more serious note, both my roommates (which are Krystal and Naomi btw) pretty much rock my face off, I just like giving them hard times. After breakfast we had wisdom search, which was led by Kennan. We read Isaiah 61, and Kennan’s topic was the gospel, and how much we sometimes add to it. He illustrated it by drawing a diagram with God’s love on top, and our sin on the bottom. As you can imagine, there was a big gap in the middle. The point was, the cross (or the gospel) should be what fills in the gap. But sometimes as we grow as Christians we tend to only partly fill in the gap with the cross, while also filling it with our own performance and comparing ourselves to others. Of course, it sounded much better the way he said it, but I don’t have the time or space to talk as much as he did. So anyway, after wisdom search we headed off to the church. We got to go on this awesome subway-type-thing called an MRT. We all got these awesome “easy passes” which pretty much makes it easy to get on! It’s so cool you just like swipe the card and you’re in!! So, after swiping my really cool “easy card” I got on the really cool MRT, and we headed off to the church. The moment finally came that we had all been waiting for, team assignments! As all the teachers names were being called off, and I anxiously awaited my turn to find out who my one and only assistant/translator would be, my name was finally called---as an ASSISTANT!!! It was so awesome, I get to be Wayne’s assistant instead of a leader. I was very happy indeed.

A few hours later, we were waiting for-our kids to come. My awesome team ended up with 8 kids, but found out at the end of the night that Micah’s team actually had 2 of our kids the whole time, so we actually have 10 kids! However, the 8 kids we did have are pretty much awesome. A few of them actually even speak really good English!

Sadly, this is the last week. However it is a very important week, as we probably have the most kids this week than any other week in Taiwan. Please keep us in your prayers, especially for those who are getting sick or getting over sickness. Pray that God will be in the midst of the CI, and the teaching will not be done by us Americans, but when we open our mouths, the Lord would fill it with His words. I pretty much love it here, but I’ll be glad to be home. Well, that’s pretty much all I have to say. So I will end my post with “tzi-jien”.

—Bethany Heath


Anonymous said...

Miss you Bethany, only 4 days till you come home!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are havimg fun in Taipei.