Monday, January 28, 2008


Today, we all got on the bus at about 10:00 am and headed for Taipei! We started our bus ride off with our own Sunday service. We all sang songs – accompanied by Rachel on the guitar – and then Rowan gave a message.

Rowan turned to 2 Samuel 23:8-39 which talks about David's mighty men. We read about the mighty deeds that David's top three men did. The first man took on a band of 800 men and killed them all at one time! Amazing by anyone's standards! These men risked their lives when the odds were against them. One of the men was deserted by all his soldiers and fought alone. Honestly, I would have retreated. I would have followed the crowd, but these men saw that God was doing something, and they stuck it out even though, by our standards, it was fool-hardy thing to do.

I had to face this question; am I willing to risk all and dare greatly for the Lord? What will he do through me if I do? God is doing a work in this world, no matter how hopeless it may seem. I want to be part of that work!

So after having our service and talking and playing games and shooting rubber bands and having a wonderful McDonald's lunch (Finally! Something my stomach recognizes!!), we arrived at our first destination: the English Village! The English Village is a learning center that some ATI students are helping out at. So we got to say hello to some fellow Americans and we also got a tour of the amazing facilities!

On our tour, we came to a mini airport, where the kids learn to buy a ticket, board a plane and find their way around an airport, all in english. After the airport, there was a library, a bank, a convenience store, a science room, a theater, and... probably some other things too... I can't remember it all!

Touring this "English Village", I couldn't help but imagine all the possibilities... I could have so much fun in a place like that! Oh, I wish my little sisters could see it! It was amazing!

After our visit to the English Village, we all got back on the bus and about an hour later, arrived in Taipei! It has been a relaxing evening; we all found our rooms, and had a nice, long, sit-down dinner. But tomorrow, we will hit the last seminar full force!!

—Elise Gillson


Jerry, Wendy, Dane & Kelsey said...

Elise!! And Jeanie and Kirsten and Kennan and Rowan and Mr. Gillson too! :)
Elise, Thank you for your openness--It always encourages and refreshes me. Wow, what an amazing thing it is to be used by Jehovah God!
Love the pictures!!--good job, whoever is doing the photo blog!
Our family and the church are praying for you all!
God bless!

Kelsey :o)
Psalm 91