Monday, January 21, 2008


Today is the last day in Hsinchu. I prayed that the kids would all concentrate on the lesson, because they were quite distracted on the 1st day and yesterday. As we arrived at the church, some of the kids were there already. After all the teachers got in, we closed the door of the hall. But the kids were trying so hard to get in. Because we hadn't gotten everything ready, we couldn't let them come in. But that truly warmed my heart; that meant they loved us so much, and they were so hurried to see us, even though we only had 3 days to get to know them. Also, the parent presentation was really touching. The kids memorized every verse, every song, and every hand motion. The naughtiest kids on my team even sang along with us! I bet their parents definitely would be so surprised and proud of their kids, and would be amazed by how CI had changed their kids. And that's why CI's exist!! Haha... :D Cooool....

By the way, we went straight down to Kaohsiung.

Cindy Chung