Sunday, February 11, 2007

Why We Are Here

This is the last day we stayed in Kaoshuing. That is right, we are leaving today!! After loading the mountains of luggage and saying goodbye to this beautiful and lovely city, we started our long journey by bus, from Kaoshuing to Taipei.

On the way, we were really, really tired and slept almost the whole morning trying to get as much rest as we can since we have to start the Taipei seminar tomorrow. We also had the McDonald’s as our delicious lunch in the bus. Delicious food, good fellowship, and long sleep, made the bus journey so perfect!!

We got to Taipei about 4 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon, we had a simple worship time and a wisdom search with sharing for the Sunday service. During the worship time, I felt that God was showing His love to us, those He created and loves.

Besides this is the day to take some rest, this is also the birthday of our dear lovely friend Miss Karen. We sang the song number “31” on the song sheet to Karen, the Happy Birthday song!

Happy Birthday to you!! Our dear “tian shi”, Karen Chen~~

To celebrate Karen’s birthday, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant, one of Karen’s favorite restaurants, and had a great and delicious meal. We had some shrimp rolls, fried rice, sour chicken, etc. A special dinner for our special Karen and us!

Then there was our “shopping and fun time” again. We had an hour to relax our body and spirit. While I was looking at thousands of things for sale on the streets, God also gave me a chance to see those people with His eyes. He showed me how much these people need our Heavenly Father, our hope and joy, the Lord who meet our every need on the single day.

People need the Lord.

I think that is why we are here, for the children, adults, and the whole families. May God bless the seminar and our work, to glorify and honor His name, here in Taiwan, and every place in the world.

Angel Liao