Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What Happens at a CI?

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a CI? Or what do we do on these trips? Well, it is not always fun or exciting as some people say, but it is a life changing experience. It is Wednesday, the 21st, and that means its the first day for the CI in Hong Kong. Now the first day is not very easy. You don't know what kids you will have on your team or whether they are good or "bad." You do not know what challenges or struggles you will face. You just pray and hope that God will give you good children on your team.

Well, it was 6:00PM and children started to come in to my team. I was a little nervous as I said, "Hello." I thought to myself, I shouldn't be nervous it is only my 4th CI this trip. So, as the night went on I got to know my kids better. I knew who the good kids were and who were not so good. As I taught my first lesson, it seemed like they were listening and starting to get it. But only God knows what they learn and understand during my lesson.

And so the night went on and it seemed like it would never end. I thought that Shannon’s and my lessons went well, but I didn't see God move incredibly. I heard some one say this once, though, and it really spoke to me: "There is no doubt that God will work in the children's lives, but we must not miss Him when he is working."

Well, what is all I have to say and hope this will help you look at things differently. So, continue to pray for us and God bless!

David Lukachick