Monday, February 5, 2007


Six of us were invited to Tainan today to teach at a one-day Character Conference for families. Tim and Dr. Chen were in charge, and as usual, we were unable to devise a plan because we did not know what factors we would have to deal with until we arrived. He, myself, Naomi, Charity, and Angel were responsible for the majority of the teaching with the elementary and high school students from 10AM to 4PM. We each had Taiwanese helpers from a local school. It was cool to get to know them.

Despite all Tim’s concerns, we completed a schedule and mostly followed it. A teaching expert from Tauyen was also present and led some educational group activities. We created an all-new CI style story/skit about tracing surface problems to root causes. I gave a testimony to all the families, which was translated by Dr. Chen.

When it was time to leave, all the students mobbed us, asking for pictures. It was pretty cool because most of them did not even have English names!

Later we partied at the Europe Pie Shoppe, laughing like maniacs at Tim’s fairy tale stories. You should ask him to tell them to you sometime.

Luke Kallberg


Rowan said...

Way to go, Luke! :-) I shall be eager to hear your "tracing root problems skit" live and in person!