Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Last Day in Hsinchu

On Saturday we neded to be at our CI team station earlier than we’ve been getting out of bed most days. But somehow we made it there. In the first large group, I helped demonstrate wake-up exercises for everyone. I taught them some face-wiggling moves to wake up their faces.

Today, there were basically four small group lessons and then the Parent Presentation. The Parent Presentation was quite nice except that my knees and ankles got quite stiff from kneeling amongst the children as we sang and quoted scripture in Chinese. I’ve managed to learn one of the songs in Chinese so far, so I sang that one with gusto

As the kids were all leaving for the last time, I noticed one of my boys drawing in an art-book with some text written in it as well. It turned out that he was writing and illustrating his own book about a man contemplating suicide, but then turns his life around when he finds a Bible. I thought that was awesome.

For supper, my Bible study group, led by Jeff, was going to join up with Ben’s and go to a cool Japanese Steakhouse. But the wait for a party of 18 was over an hour. So instead we both walked away, then our team doubled back and went there anyway. Good stuff!

Luke Kallberg