Friday, February 9, 2007


Realizing that I am nothing and have nothing, therefore everything in life is a gift from God.

Over the past week and a half, it's been so amazing to realize that we really are nothing. But, praise GOD - He is everything!

During the seminar in Hsinchu last week, I fell in love with the presence of God – to have Him there, creating a peace, to guide my words, and actions. Physically feeling the power of the prayers of everyone here, and across the world for our team, made it possible for so many of us to keep pressing on. Thank you…

Today, after a lovely lunch at The Outdoor Café, we made our way (by bus) to the base of Monkey Mountain, and began the long, sluggish trek up. The views from the top were definitely worth the time, and effort it took to get up there. We were definitely surprised to see very few monkeys during the hike, and at the peak, even. A team mate and I were discussing a few days ago, that it is so amazing to see the cities, and countryside here and to realize that there are mountains, and massive cities on the other side of the world, that we knew nothing about.

We made it back to the hotel with small amounts of time to spare in getting prepared (and thoroughly showered) for the seminar tonight. The focus of tonight's lesson was "taking thoughts captive."

It amazes me, every seminar how on this particular evening the spiritual warfare increases in dramatic ways. On the flip side, God is increasingly gracious during the small and large groups. God reminded us all in some way "This is My Children's Institute. These are my precious children… And I will be the victor in the battle for their hearts. Humble yourself before Me, and allow My words and spirit to fill you, because You are nothing without Me."

I love seeing the sleepy smiles on my team mates faces after the night is over, and hearing about their struggles, and sharing their victories through Christ. We ourselves cannot be victorious, but through Christ and His everlasting power. As we walk back to our beautiful hotel, sharing the events of the evening, many of us voice our disbelief at "surviving" another night. It thrills my heart to see the power of God in the life of each dear friend here – and to see Him giving each the strength they need to not only survive another evening, but to walk away praising Him for the wonders that He has done, and will continue to do during the seminar here in Kaohsiung.

I love each member of this team, and the beauty of Christ in them, our weaknesses and how it all works together to create a strong, and powerful representation of Him.

Through Him, and Him alone,

Allison Gamble


Judy Gamble said...

I have really enjoyed all the wonderful posts,especially the one from Allison Gamble!God Bless ALL of you!

Judy Gamble

Aubrey Gamble said...

Hey Girl!
Looks like your having tons of fun!
Tell Charity we're all praying for her, and you too.
Miss and love ya!

Kat said...

Hey Allison,
I am your mom's cousin, Kathy. I am also proud of that you are doing the work God has put in your path. Keep up the good work. In your post you seem to be having alot of fun as well as walking in the footsteps of God.
Bless you,
Kathy Wise

cmathis1 said...

Sounds like you're having a great time! I'm so excited about all God seems to be doing in your heart. This experience will definitely change your life!
We miss you so much and can't wait for you to get back. Enjoy the rest of your trip! ;-)

Kay Neel said...

Hi our precious and beautiful Allison
Dale and I are so very proud of you and what you are allowing God to do through you for others. He is blessing you greatly. Enjoy yourself. We love you and miss you. Aunt Kay and Uncle Dale

Rachael said...

I am amazed at your spiritual maturity. He will surely do great work through you. God bless.
Love, Rachael,Kent, Anabelle, and Lily

David said...

Hey Allison,
I've enjoyed reading about the different CI's that y'all have been doing! Say hi to Josh and Krystal and Doug for me!
David Waddell
PS Don't have too much fun...:-)