Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hearing the Still, Small Voice

I aimlessly meandered down the hall this morning, mindlessly contemplating an earlier breakfast and my purpose in life. The first big decision of the day then faced me. I stood staring at those huge metal doors and wondered, "To take the elevator, or not to take the elevator?" Choosing the former, I clambered in and was met with two familiar thoughts. "I wonder what it would be like to free fall in one of these boxes? I wonder if I will now have the joy of finding out?" However, remembering our lesson for tomorrow night, I quickly took those thoughts captive, contemplated their basis on truth for a few moments, and as the elevator doors opened to the lobby, dismissed them as completely unfounded.

I met up with my team, as well as the one that likes to follow us, there in the lobby. After a few moments of tired, yet edifying conversation, we set out to meet the day. Immediately upon exiting the hotel, my senses were bombarded with the strange and exciting world around me. Mopeds wizzed by, the smell of stinking tofu filled the air, bright colors and signs met the eye at every turn, and the laughter of CI teachers could be heard in every ear. What a beautiful morning!

We soon arrived at a quaint little Italian restaurant and descended to its basement. The atmosphere was perfect! Picrtures of Venice, soft music, marble columns . . . aaahhh.
Jeffrey then shared with us, encouraging us not to be distracted by the world around us, but rather to listen for God's still small voice in our lives. For like with Elijah, God is not in the wind, the earthquake, or the fire. Instead, He comes to us quietly. It seemed so ironic, yet so perfect, after the bombardment of just moments before. How often I get caught up in the amazing things that God is doing all around me that I miss God Himself!

As the seminar began again tonight, I was faced with a new set of challenges. My kids this week do not hang breathlessly on my every word. They are not angelic, at times, not even attentive. But they are lovable and cry out for love. My lessons were not perfect, and sometimes frustrating, but the Lord was with me, reminiding me in that still small voice, to love.

The evening ended and we boarded the MRT for our short ride to the hotel. Thinking back, I was reminded of the truths I learned earlier in the day. I have not found God in the wonders of Taiwan, attentive kids, or "perfect" lesson plans. Rather, in His love, He has chosen to speak to me as a still, small voice. And as I seek Him, I find Him there. At times, even in the elevator.

Krystal Heath


Allison said...

I love you, Krystal...
This post speaks more than words to me. I think we could all relate. You're so AMAZING! :D I miss you.