Thursday, February 8, 2007

Hanging Tough

Half of the team was sick. Some lost their voice. Some coughed really hard. God gave us some very special kids with very special needs. Plus, we broke two iron chairs that belonged to our nice facility. It seemed that our week in Kaohsiung was going to be tough. Nevertheless, we had been learning the power of prayer. Even though no one is perfect, but the team is united and perfected through one another's prayer intercession. We fixed our eyes on God, and our weaknesses became the spots where the Lord showed His strength and might. And this is victory.

Today has gone well. Without the investments that all the teachers and assistants made, kids would not be able to pull out points from the lessons they heard; without everyone's supports and prayers, none of the lessons could be carried on smoothly. Also, many children started to opened their hearts to the teachers. It was all because God works in their hearts, these kids were energetic and obedient.

Some teachers are preparing themselves to be team leaders this week. For next week in Taipei, each American student will have to lead a team with probably only one interpreter. Some leaders from last week became assistants just for others to take turns to practice. It wasn't very easy. However, humility and ministry spirit were found in the harmony of this team. And it is our privilege to be allowed to work with God through submission and prayer.

Thank you so much for your prayers! Let us praise the Lord for what He has done through this team!

Hannah Huang