Saturday, February 24, 2007

God is Faithful

This was a splendiferous day. The children were definitely excited about coming back, and all the teachers managed to stay awake - with the help of coffee and Skittles.

As I was preparing for the first night of the seminar on Wednesday, I felt that the Lord was asking me to make a request. In Matthew 6:28, Peter says, " me come unto thee on the water." The Lord did not call to Peter to walk on water until Peter asked. Normally, I am a "safe" person, who does not like to take great risks, but I felt like God was asking me to ask for something stunning, dangerous, and impossible. I had never led anyone to the Lord before, and was slowly drawn towards asking that this week I would be able to lead one child to the Lord. I could think of many obstacles and reasons to be afraid, but God met and answered each one until I agreed to ask.

Today, as I got up, I knew that this was my last chance. This was the last day of the last seminar, perhaps the last CI I'll ever teach. The morning went well, and I was able to talk to one girl about salvation, but didn't get anywhere before lunch. I didn't know which child to talk to or pray for specifically, and I was getting stressed.

Then, after lunch, it just so happened that I was alone with an 11-year-old girl who spoke good English. After going through the Romans Road, which I had practiced just a couple hours before, Rebecca prayed to accept the gift of salvation. God answers prayer!

After the seminar and our final cool down ended, we all headed over to the Ladies Market to get rid of the last of our Hong Kong dollars and seminar stress. We may have set a new Guinness World Record, too: we crammed 12 people into one sticker picture machine.

The trip is almost over, but it has been wonderful. God is faithful, and God is good.

Katie Winkler


Bijoy said...

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Anonymous said...

It was 14 People!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are crazy.

I'm surprised you actually made it out of that booth alive... I used my two little sticker pictures on my "design-a-mug." So cool! :D

I miss you, Katie! This was an incredible post! As were all the one's before it. Thank you to ALL of you who wrote these posts! And thanks to Ben for getting them up, of course. ;)