Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Giving God the "Little" Problems

It is amazing what the Lord will teach you when you are just willing to grow and allow the Lord to stretch you. One of the things that has been a recurring theme for me on this trip is the fact that we could probably do everything we are doing without God. But oh, how much better it is when we acknowledge Him in every aspect of our life. We could just accept the problems and wait for things to improve, which I often find myself doing. But instead, in each and every obstacle we encounter, we should take it to the Lord. In doing this, each success would be a praise to Him, to His glory.

In this CI team, I have been really encouraged to pray about even the “little” problems that I encounter. Satan wants to take us down by distracting us first with the little things. But as we bring every situation before the throne of God, Satan is defeated, and our victory in Christ is actively known, and Christ Jesus gets all the glory.

Shannon Ehnis


Jason said...

now that is a pretty girl, and Shannon;-) Hope you have fun and keep up the emails. It was nice of you to call tonight. thanks, all of you mean a lot to me. Love you and keep up the good work may God bless you in his will.

Victor said...

Luke, Nomes, Snyder... I love you guys

Anonymous said...

You are so good with words! (:
Love ya! ~Sheri