Monday, February 5, 2007

Food, Fellowship, and Fun

Do you ever have days when you feel overwhelmed by God’s goodness? When His pleasure seems to wash over you like a flood? That’s how I feel about yesterday. The omelet, fresh fruit, gourmet cheese, and cappuccino I enjoyed for breakfast was just a foretaste of the deliciousness of the day. (Yes, I am the food lady…)

Six members of our team (Dad, Tim, Naomi, Luke, Angel, and Charity) left early yesterday morning to serve a group of people in Tainan. We kept them in prayer throughout the day and were happy to hear that they were champions in the endeavor!

Wes led a great (and fun!) wisdom search about the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. We played a game of Bible Trivia, but unfortunately, none of us were able to claim the prize of a free Starbucks by getting all the answers right. Do you know what was fastened to the Philistine’s temple of Dagon? or the name of the sorcerer that withstood Barnabas and Paul? We were challenged to love God’s Word more and dig into it deeper in order to use it effectively in spiritual warfare.

After having lunch at one of my favorite food courts, the Hosanna Bus brought us to the ferry dock. We followed moped riders onto the ferry and enjoyed a quick ride over to Qijing. The sun was shining and the weather was beautiful. We had free time for the next three hours. Some played football on the beach while others ran down the shore, got their feet wet in the Pacific, collected shells, and/or perused the shops in the area. Rebecca and I scouted out a restaurant for dinner and negotiated a menu and price. Dinner at a seafood restaurant that evening was the first round table/lazy Susan meal for our group. Highlights of the meal included Chad kissing a shrimp, Doug dissecting his food, Truth or Dare with Rachel and clams, and Kristi’s obsession with Sebastian.

Having our stomachs filled with such delicacies, we took the ferry back over to Kaohsiung. It was breathtaking at night—I think we all wished it could’ve lasted a little longer. We topped off the evening with the best strawberry shaved ice of all time. Many people made sure to leave their mark by writing on the walls and carving their names in the tables. Everyone got to experience another aspect of the Taiwan culture by taking yellow taxis back to our hotel. Yes indeed—it was a day of delicious food, enriching fellowship, and loads of fun. J’adore Qijing!

Faith Chen


Unknown said...

Hi, Allison! This is Callie. Hope you're having a great time in Taiwan. Actually, I would rather you be having a great time here, but whatever.........
Angel went for her first check-up last week and has an ear infection. I've been giving her her medicine twice a day. Mom says I'll make a great vet one day.
Can't wait to go to your house again. Miss you lots.......
Callie Anne

Unknown said...

Hi, Allison! Just wanted to let you know that you are incredibly missed around here. All your piano students would much rather you be teaching them than me!!! Does alot for my self-esteem, you know! ;-(

I'm sure you're having a great time. Can't wait for you to get home!